Walk through the beautiful trails at Seogwipo KAL Hotel and enjoy the invigorating scenery of Jeju Island.

Enjoy the best of nature with attractive landscape of the Island.

Pavilion surrounded by pond is a famous spot for photo taking.

Overflowing with freshly prepared ingredients, grilled dishes with selection of beverages are available at outdoor barbeque place.

The islet is 0.1 square kilometer wide and located 3km Southeast of the Seogwipo Harbor. Seopseom is famous for its magnificent scenery as well as Korea's Natural Monument No. 18, Spleenwort. The island has caves made by the erosion of the sea.

The island is located 1.3 km south of the Seogwipo Harbor. It has been designated as a cultural property by the Jeju Provincial Government. There 's an interesting story about the name of Munseom. Once, the island was flooded with mosquitoes, so the name stemmed from a Chinese letter "Mun" meaning "mosquito".

It is named Beomseom, because it looks like a crouching tiger (Beom is a sound of a Chinese character meaning a tiger). The island has mysterious spots as well as graceful scenery. Visitors will enjoy the scenic views around the island by boat. There are many rough rocks around the island which provides a good habitat for fish such as red sea-bream and parrot fish.